"Happiness is real when shared."

I kept thinking about his last moments. When did he realize he was going to die? Was he afraid? Did he regret his choices? Did he miss the people he met in life?

He had a beautiful but sensitive soul. He was arrogant. Too arrogant that he wasn't in awe of nature. But who are we to judge? He was only 24 years old and he had his life planned out ahead of him: going to Harvard Law, becoming an attorney, get a wife and a couple of kids, a mansion, a luxurious car......he hated the life projected on him. He may just look like another thrill seeker, but there's something deeper, angrier, and profounder. He was a prophet wolking his path a leader, but died a martyr of his believes.

It was a tragedy. But his story inspired millions.

"When you want something in life, step forward and grab it."

I wish we all find our meaning of life.

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