If I pick the greatest accomplishment of my life, 如果要挑出我生命中最偉大的成就,
Moving the mountains, wining the fights? 搬了那座山, 贏了那些戰鬥?
I would choose the moments when I 我會選擇那些瞬間, 當我
Bring out the happiest smiles from my Dad. 在爸爸臉上看到最開心的笑容。

If I pick the brightest light, 如果讓我選出最亮的光
Spectacular stars shining high? 是那些璀璨的星星在高空閃耀?
I have never seen anything brighter, 我沒有看過更亮的東西了,
Than Dad’s words that guide my path. 是爸爸的教誨, 指引我方向。

If I pick the heaviest weight on my heart, 如果要我說心上最沉重的重量,
Unattainable dreams, heartaches that don’t stop? 那些無法成就的美夢, 還是無法停止的心痛?
It is the tears I see in your eyes, 是我在你眼底看到的淚光,
Dad, when you wave goodbye as I depart. 爸爸, 在你揮手告別, 送我離開的時候。

I will be good, I won’t hide. 我會當個好小孩, 我不會退縮,
You are the sun that gives me strength. 你是我的太陽, 給我力量,
Across the oceans, across the sky, 穿越那些海洋, 超越了天空,
This poem is for you. Happy birthday, Dad. 這首詩是為您寫的。生日快樂, 爸。

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